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Understand the Financial Advantages of Using Call
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Now SMEs Can Save Like Large Corporations

Call Centers provide low cost access to university trained Virtual Staff Teams

OFF-SITE staffers work the same hours as your ON-SITE employees - at a cost of 40% less. Reduced Overhead has a serious positive impact on Cash Flow/Profits.

Why Haven't More SMEs Enjoyed the Financial Benefits of Outsourcing

Giant Call Centers with thousands of agents grew up to service the giant, international corporations. Their business models didn't fit well with smaller, lower volume SMEs. In essence, SMEs were 'locked out' of the financial benefits that big corporations enjoyed.

OFF-SITE Teams and their manager are as close as the screen on your computer/cell phone

It's like using your office intercom to confer with a Department Head - only better because you can confer from anywhere via your cell phone/laptop.

Training Virtual Staffers

It's easy. As contrasted with many SME employees who are trained as generalists (varied responsibilities) - Virtual Staffers have narrow focused responsibilities. Means the learning curve is faster, more productive. Training is conducted by free Video Conference. The Call Center builds a Training Library for you.

Get Actionable Daily Reports

Have factual information at your fingertips.
Know your business happenings - how many contacts - length of conversations - more.
All contacts are recorded for later review and Quality Control purposes.

The Business Functions that Call Center Virtual Staffs Provide to SMEs

Virtual Staffs manage IN-BOUND calls from Customers/Prospects - sales inquiries - making appointments - complaints - new promotions. They manage OUT-BOUND calls for: new sales - slow pays - confirming appointments - new product introductions - revitalizing dormant customers.

Importantly, they manage INSTANT MESSENGER, both online and newer mobile based IM.

What Changed

Two events opened the world of Outsourcing to SMEs: (1) the advent of low cost technology (in some cases, now even free - example, SKYPE).
(2) middle managers of 'Big Box' call centers began to depart and launch smaller niche centers catering to Small/Mid Sized Enterprises.

Don't miss the opportunity to -

Save money

Grow sales

Increase profits

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"We're a USA based energy equipment/supplies SME. We had never Outsourced before. We were apprehensive when we first tried The NETWORK. It's been wonderful. We're saving a lot of cash flow - increasing profits".

Brian Duda - President

Duda Energy - www.dudadiesel.com


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SME Staffing Alternatives

Advertising for ON-SITE staff, interviewing, testing, hiring and terminations - are activities that consume lots of time and energy. The activities are part of overhead expense. For many SMEs, those H.R. processes are becoming passe.

Many Small/Mid Sized Enterprises with OFF-SITE Virtual Staffers - now have those costly H.R. functions done for your company.

Call Centers manage and pay for the staffing activities, including the administration and costs of benefits like: SS, health insurance, and retirement. You (or a company manager) still retains the final 'pass/fail' for a new hire via tel-con, but all the preliminary screening and testing has already been done and paid for. It's part of the typical Call Center services provided to SMEs.

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