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Q. Do Call Centers require long term contracts for Virtual Staffs?

A. Each independent Call Center has its own policies. Generally no long term contracts are required. Call Centers realize the importance of flexibility to SMEs. You can expand or shrink staff as needed by business conditions.

Q. How are OFF-SITE Virtual Staffers Trained?

A. In many SMEs, ON-SITE employees are generalists (perform varied tasks) for the company. OFF-SITE Virtual Staffers typically have narrower tasks to perform. Means Virtual Staffers are easier and faster to train. Training is conducted by video-conference with a Home Office manager leading the 30 minute session (with time allocated for Q and A). Call Centers build 'SME Virtual Training Libraries' for future reference. If the company adds new products or promotions, a new module is added. Training Staffers is simple and fast.

Q. How Are Virtual Staffers Found?

A. You find them at Call Centers. Call Centers are located throughout the world. Call Centers come in two sizes: 'Big Box' Centers that can have thousands of agents, and smaller Independent Centers - many of whom are focused on SMEs companies. Most SMEs prefer to be 'big fish in smaller ponds' and enjoy personalized service. Most of the SME niche Call Centers are located in Asia. There are now thousands of Call Centers.

Q. How to Get Started with Virtual Staffers?

If you're new to Outsourcing - Best Practice: Start Slowly. Locate a Call Center. Review their Profile to see if your company's needs fit the Call Center's Minimum New Account agent requirements. Tell them what tasks you want done - and that you only need 2-3-4 agents. Learn the drill. You can increase staff later as your needs grow. A good place to start looking:

AsianCallCentersNETWORK.com/Become Member. It's FREE. Review a Call Center Member's details, including capacity and interests and prices. Get Contact Information. Get a quotation - start saving overhead.

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