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SMEs - Plan Ahead in Case of World Wide Recession

Many financial observers/economists are suggesting that a worldwide recession has already begun in 2016. They suggest it's been a long time coming - and that if a serious one happens - it will here a long time before business gets back to 'normal'.

Don't get caught with your financial pants down. Start planning ahead.

Small/Medium Sized Enterprises are the economic backbone of most countries. They run to the heart of local Community Prosperity levels. SMEs create some 50% of private sector jobs. Everyone needs SMEs to survive.

And survival means additional profit levels. Without profits, a SME cannot survive.

In a recession there are lots fewer jobs available. Lots more people with less money to spend. Buying becomes much more cautious.

How can SMEs create more profits?

Simply put - there are only three paths available.

  1. They can try to generate MORE SALES - take business from competitors who are also fighting to stay afloat in tough times.

  2. They can try to INCREASE MARGINS. Offering goods/service at higher prices then competitors is a tough task in good times - financial suicide in hard times.

  3. They can radically REDUCE EXPENSES. They can start planning, for example: to conserve utility expenses; attempt to renegotiate occupancy leases early; more...

The most dramatic Expense Reduction can come from learning to use Virtual Staffers. Some SMES can save up to 40% on their largest expense - payroll. That's a lot of savings - a big addition to profits.

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