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Call Centers and their Virtual Staffers are located all over the world.

Virtual Staffing is a technology-enabled change in how companies can be operated and managed. Even very small companies or professional practices can benefit financially.

Due to lower costs, most Call Centers specializing in SMEs are located in Asia. For example, the "Call Center Capital of the World" - the Philippines - has an estimated 1,000 Call Centers with the majority of the independent Centers catering to SMEs.

Checking Out a Call Center

The best way is to simply call or email the company. Direct your inquiry to the "New Accounts Manager".
Ask the basic questions: (1) what is the minimum quantity of Virtual Staffers needed to open an account?
(2) What is the base hourly rate? (3) Is there an extra cost to receive Daily Management Reports?

Be sure you haven't arrived at one of the Big Box Call Centers. Most SMEs feel more comfortable being a 'Bigger Fish in a Smaller Pond' VERSUS getting co-mingled among thousands of agents handling multiple corporate accounts. SMEs want/need personal attention.

Note: There's a new Directory resource for SMEs opening in April, 2016.


Learn a Center's capacity, interests and ability to grow. Lots more. During the Pre-Opening SMEs get a Charter Membership for Free. You complete your company's PROFILE (takes 3 minutes). When a Call Center is identified that 'fits' your SME, the NETWORK emails you the Call Center Profile for follow up.

It's a great service to help SMEs grow profits

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