Our Mission is to help Increase Profits and
Customer Service Excellence at SMEs

The Client Acquition Hub for
for Independent Call Centers

Grow Your Call Center

Use One of the three prime growth Paths to success
(better yet - use all three)

Fill existing seats with work from new paying customers
Trade lower value clients for higher value clients
Expand Your Time Zones

Our Mission is to help Independent Call Centers Grow Profits

Growing Call Centers

Get enough Qualified Prospects seeking services - so you can 'pick and choose' your clients.

SMEs = Small/Medium Size Enterprises (less than 250 employees) They're the backbone of the world's economies and job formations.
For example, consider: USA SMEs comprise 99% of private firms / 50% of private sector jobs | Great Britain - 99.3% of private sector companies / 48% of private sector jobs | Australia/NZ - almost 3 million private sector SMEs, provides 50% of jobs.

There are an estimated 10,000,000 SMEs
in English speaking countries

'McDonalds Burgers invented their breakfasts to convert unproductive overhead costs to additional revenue'

Call Centers can use similar financial approaches.
Utilize Existing Capacity

The Center is paying rent, utilities, equipment, connections 24 hours a day. Don't have empty stations.

Generate new revenue. Get new clients.

Easier when you have a flow of
Qualified Prospects.

Get Higher Value Clients

Business with large corporations is very competitive - they might 'cut your ear off' for $.05 an hour. SMEs seek personalized service. Relative to their existing ON-SITE costs, savings from the Call Center may be so great - that $.50 an hour may not be very significant. To the Call Center, it could be an increase of 5-10% in Gross Margins.
Easier when you have a flow of
Qualified Prospects

Add New Time Zones

Many Centers operate on only one work shift a day. Branch out to different Time Zones - easier to recruit - save night shift bonuses staff.

SMEs are all over the world.

Easier when you have a flow of
Qualified Prospects

Start a flow of
Qualified Prospects
to your center

Help SMEs Find You


$25 a month Publication Fee
start marketing all the time.

Acquire ONE new SME client a YEAR that pays a few thousand a month - Wonderful ROI.
Acquire THREE new clients
- even better.

How the Marketing System Works


Call Center completes their Member Profile describing their current capacity and interest in future growth. Only SMEs can view the Profile.

When the NETWORK identifies a Center that appears to 'match' the stated needs of a specific SME, the Center's Profile is sent to the SME by email for the SME's review/evaluation.

If the SME is attracted, the SME contacts the Call Center for additional info and negotiations.

If the Call Center acquires a new client, the Center pays the NETWORK a 10% 'Success Fee' (commission) of bi-weekly/monthly billings. You pay - only after you receive the client's payment. It's simple.

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Help SMEs Find You


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