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Virtual Staffers (Outsourcing) has been woven into the economic fabric of most Western business communities for a long time. It's an established method of saving money while providing improved Customers Service.

Larger corporations have enjoyed the financial benefits of Virtual Staffers for many decades. But due to economies of scale, many SMEs were frozen out of the financial gains due to their lower levels of activities.

But all that changed when the cost of technology became so inexpensive (now some even free - Skype - Google - more), combined with middle managers with years of experience began to leave the 'Big Box' Call Centers to launch their own independent smaller Centers. Many of the new independents are specializing in personalized service needed by SMEs.

Now, every sized company has access to the financial advantages of Virtual Staffers: 200 employee Manufacturing firms - 100 employee Wholesalers - Retailers of all sizes - 10 person Real Estate firms - even 2-3 doctor Medical practices - Service firms like Construction - Lawn Care, and the like. Most all can now join the 'techno revolution'.

There are thousands of Call Centers- in every language - all over the world. In one Asian country alone - The Philippines - there are an estimated 1,000 Centers with the majority specializing in SMBs.

Watch Video - "Call Center Capital of the World" - CNN 5.5 minutes

So what's the potential 'Supply Problem'?

There are an estimated 10,000,000 SMEs in English speaking countries alone.

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